our Parish Administration

The Executive
Rector: The Rev. Francisco Valle
Addo Davies, Sr.
People’s Warden: Addo Davies Sr.
Associate Rector: Vacant
Rector’s Warden: Theodosia Edwards

The Church Executive

The Executive comprises the Rector and any Associate Rector who are employed under paid contract, along with the Rector’s Warden and the People’s Warden, both of  whom are elected to serve, pro bono, for three-year terms.  

The Vestry

The Vestry is the governing body of the church. It is composed of the Rector, the Rector’s Warden, the People’s Warden, and twelve (12) Members who are elected for three-year terms.  Any Associate Rector and any member of the Congregation may attend the monthly Vestry meetings which are held on the fourth Sunday.  The Secretary is appointed by each successive Vestry, but has neither voice nor vote at the meetings.

The Vestry
Blanche Cleave
Jacqueline Skerritt
Jacqueline Skerritt
Victor Jones
Victor Jones
Rev. Francisco Valle
Francisco Valle
Vera Cole
Lena Robinson
Lena Robinson
Willie Nicol
Willie Nicol
Theodosia Edwards
Theodosia Edwards
Varney Perry
Varney Perry
Olivette Guy-Williams
Olivette Guy-Williams
Caroline Patrick
Addo Davies
J.Wah-Doe Bedell
J.Wah-Doe Bedell
Naomi Dennis
William Attoh
Beatrice Perry - Secretary
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Latest Vestry Minutes

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Elections Meeting 

Abdullah Skerritt
Election Committee Chair

Our annual Elections Meeting will be held on  Sunday, December 06 via a virtual forum. We will be voting on three (03) new Vestry Members and the Rector’s Warden.  The chair of the Elections Committee is currently occupied by Abdullah Skerritt who is ably supported by Elizabeth Panox, Kenneth Egbuna, Sandra Molina, and William Attoh.  Learn more…

Governance / Vestry

Church of Our Saviour is governed by the Rector, Wardens, and a board known as the Vestry. As required by the canons of the Episcopal church, the Vestry—consisting of twelve members, the Rector and the two Wardens—is the elected governing body of our congregation. Four members are elected each year at the annual parish meeting for three-year terms.

COS has three standing committees which make monthly reports to the Vestry about their activities: Finance, Stewardship, and Buildings and Grounds. The Rector’s Warden has financial responsibility for the parish and works with the Rector in administrative matters; the People’s Warden has responsibility for the facility and its use and, with the Rector, for the program ministries of the parish.  He sometimes acts as a liaison between the people of the congregation and the Vestry and clergy.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee takes seriously the trust placed in it by the congregation resulting in sound fiscal management of the parish’s assets. The primary source of income at COS is membership donations. The work of the Finance Committee is to assist in the development of the annual budget and to maintain and track, throughout the year, all income and expenses and their relation to the operating budget. The Finance Committee meets at 12 noon on the first Sunday of the month.

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Buildings & Grounds Committee oversees the stewardship of the physical plant of the church, including all of its properties. This Committee overseas the maintenance, repairs, and renovations of the church properties, and sponsors semi-annual work days for members to help clean and maintain the physical plant.
 This Committee meets at 12 noon on the second Sunday of the month.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee at COS is an educational committee whose purpose is to teach and invite our members about the role of Christian generosity in our lives in all its facets—time, talent, and treasure. The Committee works to help our members understand the various ways we can give to the ministries of Church of Our Saviour. The Stewardship Committee meets on the first Monday of the month.

Diocesan Involvement

The Church of Our Saviour is committed to full participation in the life of our diocese, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and its various events. As events and activities arise they are publicized through the regular parish communication channels.

Sunday Bulletin and Weekly Email

Our Sunday bulletin and weekly email both contain announcements for our parish community. If you would like to place an announcement in these publications, please get it to the Church Office no later than noon the preceding Wednesday. If you would like to receive our weekly email please send your email address to the Church Office.

Office Volunteers

The Church Office is periodically in need of volunteers for such tasks as folding, stapling, photocopying, answering the office telephone, word-processing, desktop publishing, and preparing mailings. Many of these tasks can be done by volunteers at home. Please contact the Church Office if you have extra time and organizational skills and would like to be called on to volunteer in the office. Let the Church Office know if you have word-processing or desktop publishing skills to offer.