Staff, Leadership & Volunteers

Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labour in preaching and teaching
[1 Timothy 5:17].

Rev. Francisco Valle
Vestry Secretary
Beatrice Perry
ITC Director Abdullah Skerritt
Ushers & Acolytes
Emerson Quaynor
Building Use Cord.
Margaret Gordon
Addo Davies, Sr.
People's Warden
Addo Davies Sr.
Parish Admin.
Tracey Henley
Building & Grounds
Logan Shutz
Sunday School
Monica Robinson
Theodosia Edwards
Rector's Warden
Theodosia Edwards
Elizabeth Panox
Diocesan Delegate
Elizabeth Panox
Endowment Chair
Dr. C.Kenrick Hunte
Stewardship Chair
Katumu Pettiquoi
Kathy Staudt
Eugenia Macarthy
Alternate Delegate
Eugenia Macarthy
Alter Guild Director
Nellie Williams
Organist/Choir Dir.
Bruce Cole

The Vestry

  • Addo Davies, Sr.
  • Blanche Cleave
  • Caroline Patrick
  • Francisco Valle
  • J. Wah-Doe Bidell
  • Jacqueline Skerritt
  • Lena Robinsonl
  • Naomi Dennis
  • Olivette Guy-Williams
  • Theodosia Edwards
  • Varney Perry
  • Vera Cole
  • Victor Jones
  • Willie Nicol


Facilities Manager: Vacant
Treasurer: Kathleen Staudt
Endowment Board Chair: Kenrick Hunte
Finance Committee: Vacant
Buildings & Grounds Chair: Logan Schutz
Stewardship Chair: Katumu Pettiquoi
Diocesan Delegate: Elizabeth Panox
Alt. Diocesan Delegate: Eugenia Macarthy
Altar Guild Director: Nellie Williams
Ushers & Acolytes: Emerson Quaynor
Sunday School Coordinator: Monica Robinson
Vestry Secretary: Beatrice Perry
ITC Director: Abdullah Skerritt