Staff, Leadership & Volunteers

Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labour in preaching and teaching
[1 Timothy 5:17].

Rev. Francisco Valle
Parish Administrator
Tracey Henley
Stewardship Chair
Katumu Pettiquoi
Ushers & Acolytes
Emerson Quaynor
Alternate Diocesan Delegate
Elsie Thompson
Assistant Rector
Diocesan Delegate
Sandra Molina
Facilities Manager
Gilbert Taylor
Organist/Choir Dir.
Bruce Cole
Sunday School Coordinator
Monica Robinson
Rector's Warden
Fernando Hermoza
Kathy Staudt
Endowment Chair
Kenrick Hunte
Building Use Cord.
Margaret Gordon
Buildings & Grounds Chair
Logan Shutz
People's Warden
Gilbert Taylor
Finance Chair
Philip Brown
Vestry Secretary: Pelah Gittens
Alter Guild Director
Nellie Williams
ITC Director Abdullah Skerritt

The Vestry

Addo Davies
Arnold Robinson
Audrey Leslie
Denton Guy-Williams
Derek Cole
Elsa Bobb
Ernestine Blango
Fernando Hermoza
Gilbert Taylor
Hector Velazquez
Jamila Movmeni
Linda Jones
Mathias Mogekwu
William Attoh


Gilbert Taylor: Facilities Manager
Kathlen Staudt: Treasurer
Samuel Stokes: Endowment Board Chair
Philip Brown: Finance Committee Chair
Logan Schutz: Buildings & Grounds Chair
Katumu Pettiquoi: Stewardship Chair
Sandra Molina: Diocesan Delegate
Nellie Williams: Altar Guild Director
Emerson Quaynor: Ushers & Acolytes
Monica Robinson: Sunday School Coordinator
Margaret Gordon: Building Use Facilitator
Elsie Thompson:  Alt. Diocesan Delegate
Abdullah Skerritt:  ITC Director