Fellowship & Hospitality

Coffee Hour

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling
[1 Peter 4:9].

The COS Raffle of a 55″ UHD TV was drawn during the 1:00PM service Coffee Hour on Sunday, December 05, 2020.
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Coffee Hour, a time for fellowship and an opportunity to meet new people, takes place after each service.  Worshipers gather in the Undercroft or conference room to relax, have some refreshments, chit-chat, reflect on the service/sermon and just mingle.

However, after the 10:00AM service, coffee hour goes on steroids!  It’s all about fellowship and hospitality.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow worshipers in a more relaxed environment. The coffee is great and there is the expected tea, sodas, water and fruit juice.

However, this coffee hour would not be Coffee Hour without something more to bite and chew on, and the 10:00AM hosts have it covered. The eats range from donuts, bagels and sandwiches to full three-course meals complete with hot entrees, and everything in between. It just depends on the occasion.

Also characteristic of this coffee hour is the beautiful gospel music that is played on the system.  Members can also sit and enjoy a sporting event or movie in high definition on the 120 inch projection screen, complete with DTS-HD Master Audio, 7.2 surround sound..

Each week, Coffee Hour is hosted by a different team in turn. There is the Red Rose Team; the Yellow Mellow Team; the Green House Team; and the Purple Bunch Team. Whilst there is no competition between them, each team strives to improve the experience each time around. 

To get involved and join a team, talk to the co-ordinators, Audrey Leslie and Jacque Skerritt, or contact the team leader of your choice.  Also, if any member of the congregation has an occasion to celebrate – birthday, anniversary, graduation, baptism, etc. – or an event to commemorate such as the passing of a loved one, the scheduled team would willingly cede their spot on the schedule to that family, so don’t hesitate to ask.  We look forward to sharing your moment with you.

Join a Team

Hosting Coffee Hour is a Labour of Love.

Team Red Rose

Hosts on the first Sunday of the month.

Team Green House

Hosts on the second Sunday of the month.

Team Yellow Mellow

Hosts on the third Sunday of the month.

Team Purple Bunch

Hosts on the fourth Sunday of the month.

Team Leaders

Red: Bola Thomas
Green: Theresa Mason
Yellow: Jacque Skerritt
Purple: Elizabeth Buck