Church Elections

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Here is a saying you can trust. If anyone wants to be a leader in the church, they want to do a good work for God and people
[1 Timothy 3:1].

Elections Meeting 

Our annual Elections Meeting was held on  Sunday, December 06 via in-person and virtual forum. We voted for four (04) new Vestry Members and the Rector’s Warden, in addition to a Diocesan Delegate and Alternate Delegate.

The chair of the Elections Committee was Abdullah Skerritt who was ably assisted and supported by Vice Chair, Sandra MolinaKenneth Egbuna, Pelah Gittens, and William Attoh.

The committee designed and successfully executed a process that was a hybrid between an online, digital mechanism and an in-person procedure, that also included a process for paper ballot, absentee voting.  This precedence-setting exercise proved to be the ideal solution for this unprecedented COVID-19 situation.

Get to Know Your Candidates

Abdullah Skerritt
Elections Committee Chair

Positions Filled in 2020

Vestry: Four positions
Rectors Warden: One position
Diocesan Delegate: One position
Alternate Delegate: One position

COS 2020 Elections
Results / Resultados

Sample Ballot

Below is a sample of the actual three-page absentee ballot. It lacks verification credentials and, therefore, cannot be used for voting.  It is just a sample.

The COS Executive thanks the members of the congregation for participating in this all important activity of electing our leaders and representatives.  We also thank you for voting to in 2020.

Additionally, we thank the Elections Committee for a spectacular job; the Vestry members who supervised; the Parliamentarian; the Givings Recorder; and the Wardens for their  oversight.  Congratulations to all of you, as well as the elected members.

Commissioning of the newly elected is scheduled for January 03, 2020 during the bilingual 10:00AM service.

Following are the Elected Officers from the 2020 Elections.

Fernando Hermosa - Rector's Warden Elect
Ernestine Blango - Vestry Member Elect
Derek Cole - Vestry Member Elect
Denton Guy-Williams - Vestry Member Elect
Hector Valezquez - Vestry Member Elect
Elsie Thompson - Alternate Delegate Elect
Sandra Molina - Diocesan Delegate Elect
2019 Outgoing People's Warden, Abdullah Skerritt - Final Congregational Address